ND Mood For Women | Regular Size (2OZ)


  • Description: Mesmerized by setting the tone in an all new seductive, classy vibe with a touch of Rose ending in a hint of sweet musk, infused with pheromones and couplins delivered by specialist “Liquid Alchemy Labs” giving you that sexy vibe leaving him craving for more and putting him “N D’ MOOD ”
  •  Directions: For optimal results shake bottle for about 5 seconds, then spray 4 sprays in a "close range" of 1 inch going in a straight line while pushing down on nozzle around the front on each side of neck area, once behind neck head area, and around wrists (may spray on one wrist and rubbed together)

        Top Notes:White Musk  Ivy  Birch

        Middle Notes: Rose, Licorice,  Amarena

        Base Notes: Vanilla, Lotus,Vetevier,  Musk


Size: 2oz

Pheromones 36mg per bottle

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