Alpha Q | Pheromone Cologne To Attract Women Sample Travel Size


Alpha Q Musk Pheromone Cologne, a well scented Cologne With Pheromones, Designed to Catch HER Attention. IN 8ML SAMPLE

Alpha Q pheromone cologne is the premier cologne for any man out there. It is a cologne that defines the modern man.

Subtle and masculine, it always leaves an aura of high-end luxury and exclusivity. Alpha Q pheromone cologne is among the few effective pheromone cologne for men you can find on the market today. It is made from the highest pure human pheromones concentration available, and it contains the combination of the right ingredients to produce the longest lasting effects. This is something many brands out there couldn’t achieve. They make the mistake of putting too much androstenone in their mix on the basis that it is the arousal pheromone, thereby wholly ignoring three crucial facts. 

Fact One: The pheromones related studies carried out on animals shows that sufficient comfort has to be built before any arousal can occur in the female species.

Fact Two: Some individuals are sensitive to too much androstenone, and it brings out unwanted negative traits like anger in them.

Fact Three: Androstadienone is also a pheromone, and it is closely related to androstenone. However, androstadienone is the pheromone that heightens sensitivity and attention to emotions, so arousal can never occur without it.

In addition to being a perfectly engineered blend to create attraction, below are some other reasons you should try out our AlphaQ pheromone cologne.


Why Choose Alpha Q?

  • Scentless Option Available:

if you want our pheromone cologne but already have a non-pheromone cologne you use, you don’t have to be worried about your overall smell becoming too strong. We have a collection of scentless pheromone cologne that can be ideally mixed with your favorite cologne. You still get all the benefits our pheromone cologne has to offer,  just without the smell. 

  • Amazing Scent:

If you are preparing to have your presence not only noticed but also felt everywhere you go, then Alpha Q is the right cologne for you. It has an irresistible smell, will keep attracting women to you, and also leave them wanting more.

  • Formula:

Alpha Q Pheromone Cologne is formulated to be an attention grabber with an enticing musk scent that is vigorous and confident.


  • Durable:

proven pharmaceutically human pheromones grade that lasts up to thirty-five hours after application, to ensure there is enough time for the pheromones to attract women.

  • Directions:

For optimal results shake bottle for about 5 seconds, then spray 2-4 sprays in a "close range" of 1 inch going in a straight line while pushing down on nozzle around the front on each side of neck area, once behind neck head area, and around wrists (may spray on one wrist and rubbed together)


  • Top Notes:

Exotic Pineapple, Exotic Licorice, Pink Lime.

  • Middle Notes:

Lime-wood, Sichuan Pepper, Bamboo, Sage,  Rose, Patchouli.

  • Base Notes:

Vetiver, Sequoia Wood, ISO-E super (Molecule 01), Oak-moss, Musk.

There is no other pheromone cologne that can boost your pheromones other than the AlphaQ pheromone cologne. It delivers precisely what it promises, and our buyers can testify to that. We will let our reviews do the remaining talks as you learn about what our buyers have to say on Pherotruth’s Live Forum Review.


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Greg S.
United States United States
i dont know

have not had any change in women


hello greg do you interact with people ? WOmen? or are you wating for them to come to you? Pheromones are only used to be the Ace Up Your Sleeve...In the End its all you ;)

Donald S.
United States United States
So far so good...

Haven't really been out socializing much lately but it does have the nice warm scent I've found to be the best in the past... I will be going out next weekend and be able to give it a better try... it's funny, I've noticed when it works and i am around someone they usually sneeze but give me more friendly attention... still hoping for the best... will keep you posted...

United States United States
Simply The Best Pheromone Cologne Available Today!

Several months ago I discovered the s1ck website quite by accident. I had been searching the Web for information about pheromone products. The subject became of interest to me as I was recently divorced and faced with the difficult task of having to re-learn the 'art' of dating. So many women would 'friend zone' me after the first date and sometimes even before we got that far! Oh I was "vulnerable" or "not enough time had elapsed for me to completely understand and absolve myself of the pain of the relationship." Hmm, my bad. Or, maybe just the wrong women! So, yeah; what is this pheromone thing all about? I started spending BIG bucks, hundreds of dollars on phermone colognes that claimed to attract the most beautiful girls in the world to me. NOT! It wasn't until I educated myself on all the parameters which encompass today's sucessful dating stratigies and techniques. 'You won't find it in a bottle anywhere," I convinced myself. I was right! But then... I stumbled upon this website. I looked at Alpha Q and thought, 'What the hell... They don't have 25 different concoctions to assist you through 100 different scenarios.' I figured I would give it a try. I'm working my fourth bottle of Alpha Q now. Is this pheromone cologne a 'chick magnet'? Yes... No... Yes. All I really know is that there IS something going on here. I like to think it's just me. But since I started using Alpha Q, it has become effortless for me to meet new women. They are curious about who I am. They engage in conversations deeper than the weather and open themselves for inquiry. It's a beautiful thing. Like a natural dance step, they become easy to lead; easy to steer. They become intrigued with me and want to know more about me that I may redirect the conversation back to them. A trust develops. The desire to share. As far as I am concerned, (IMHO), Alpha Q is the best pheromone cologne that is available in the marketplace today. Will it work for you? I don't know. I DO know I can't leave home without it! I have an arsenal of pheromone sprays, oils and colognes. Not one delivers the results I have consistantly seen firsthand from Alpha Q. Maybe it's a 'special' chemistry. But it's not ALL MINE! So yeah, there's something else going on here. I'm old enough to know what's good for me. Imagine what IF it worked for you too. All the best!

United States United States
Loving This!!!

First impressions Definitely sexy!!! Musk, wood, notes of pineapple, smells fresh, Definitely more than a cologne, feel relaxed, energized, with a sense of clarity! Girls Ive asked love the scent, they said they feel like it’s an attractive scent, they say they feel comfort in the scent. Last long, a good 6 hours I think Scent smells better with time! Lovin this!! I have no regrets! Definitely recommend!!!

Dustin .
United States United States
Magic Bottle My Secret Weapon

Noticing alot of attention drawn to me... Feeel very confident boosted, been noticing people goin out of their way for me, ate at restaurant my server young blond mid 20s HOT was very attentive to me felt like after taking my order she was just stirring up conversations with me as if we we friends just felt like ease of flow without me having to do much... Man love this more Testing coming