Alpha Q | Pheromone Cologne Spray To Attract Women - Full Size (2 OZ)




Experience Why Men Rave About Alpha Q Pheromone Spray

A Musk Scented Cologne Infused With Pheromones Optimized to Build Chemistry.

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Why Choose Alpha Q? 

As experts in attraction, we know that it's all about comfort. Competitor brands make the fatal mistake of putting too much androstenone in their mix on the basis that it's the arousal pheromone, yet completely ignoring three important facts:

-Pheromone related studies were performed on animals. An instant arousal affect does not occur in female human species without sufficient comfort to be initially built.  


-Individuals sensitive to androstenone tend to be less likely to give evidence of the personality trait known as defensiveness in which negative traits (such as anger) are assigned to others but are asserted not to apply to oneself (Source: University of Nebraska Study: Page 9). Simply speaking, those that are sensitive to "androstenone" will get an unwanted "roid rager" affect.


-Androstadienone , a close relative of andreostenone, is the pheromone that heightens sensitivity and attention to emotions (Source: University of Nebraska Study: Page 9). This is the initial attribute women look for when meeting a stranger. Arousal can never occur before it. 
    On top of being a perfectly engineered blend to create attraction, here are some other reasons why you should try Alpha Q: 


    Unscented Option Available - To Be Mixed With Your Favorited Scented Cologne. 
    AMAZING SMELL - Irresistible Smelling Pheromone Cologne that Will Keep Attracting Women as Well as Leaving Them Wanting More.
    EFFECTIVE Stunning, effective musk scent that is vigorous and confident. She will definitely notice you with our specifically designed pheromone cologne to appeal to her desires.
    LONG-LASTING Proven Pharmaceutical Grade Human Pheromones Cologne that Keeps Working for over 35 hours after being applied to ensure time for the Pheromones to Attract Women. Expert Testimonials:

    "Projects a “player” vibe which women find extremely attractive, magnetic, and engaging on multiple levels (it can be intimidating at first, but as AQ “unravels”, it simply becomes more intriguing to them)... there is a significant “pull” factor when wearing Alpha Q – deep and meaningful eye contact, looks of curiosity, and wanting to be approached or opened… to women becoming VERY comfortable with the wearer after only short interactions."
    "Giving the wearer extremely high social status & social acceptance (while also making conversation and building rapport effortless)… conversations seem to flow naturally, and an element of “realness” to interactions with women. I believe there is a certain molecule which has beautifying, and emotionally deepening properties in the mix (more detail below)."
    "There is a beautifying effect which I noticed (yes, visually), as well as beautifying or deepening emotional/crushy feelings when interacting with women… I’ll elaborate more on this effect below, but this seems to be one of the most unique elements in Alpha Q, and one of the reasons it will be taking a spot in my list of top pheromones."

           Directions: Optimal Results please spray 2-3 sprays  pushing down on nozzle in close range 1 inch around the front on each side of neck area, once behind neck head area, and around wrists (may spray on one wrist and rubbed together)
          Top Notes: Blackcurrant, Bergamot, "Exotic Pineapple," Exotic Licorice, Pink Lime
          Middle Notes: Rose, Patchouli, Limewood, Sichuan Pepper, Bamboo, Sage
          Base Notes: Oak moss, Musk, Vetiver, Sequoia Wood, ISO-E super (Molecule 01)

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            Alpha Q is the most alpha product

            This one produces blatant reactions from men and women. Respect is the first thing you notice and once in a while the attraction signs are blatant. Friendly attracted stares and smiles are pretty common plus you don't need to use much. Most of my positive results have been at 1 spray.


            amazing to hear



            My experience with Alpha Q is nothing short of mind blowing. The scent is similar to Aqua De Gio Perfumo, I lost count of the amount of compliments i've gotten from people. The creator of this cologne has good taste, you definately get what you pay for. The application of 4 to 6 sprays on the neck, ears, and wrist opened many doors for me. People became very helpful and oblivious to personal space. Where ever I go people would share secrets and tell me things about their personal lives. Best of all, I'm the center of attention when it came to women. I got VIP treatment from every club and bar without even paying for it, the workers at the establishment would break their own rules to keep me happy and entertained. I caution anyone who buys Alpha Q to becareful of the women they wear it around, these women can become jealous and possessive even if you only known them for a short time. Other than that have fun!!! S1ckjewlery thank you for making my life more interesting! Kenny


            Alpha Q V1

            Great product but can intimidate young people (male and female). If you want to attract Older women buy this. If you want to attract Young women buy Casanova.

            Taulloo P.

            Just got it...need to try more

            These 2 companies..S1CK and lal knows how to send pheromones perfume well without catching the eye of customs...they also reduced the price in my parcel so that customs don't open it....this impressed me a lot because in the past I've had my pheromones seized at customs...but now this site is reliable for these kind of problems...i am looking further to review more about this excellent product soon ..thank you S1CK JEWELLERY and LAL

            Mike G.
            United States

            Alpha Q order

            I had sent an email requesting a return of the Alpha Q product but no one had gotten back to me I want to return it for an unscented formula I did not want a Santa formula Thanks Mike